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I work as a team member with the Akashic Masters who keep your soul path records. I get you spiritually accessed and highly detailed practical and strategic information around the topics and questions you want answers to.

You have dreams, goals and maybe a specific vision for the life you most want. Your vision of your future may include a significant overhaul of your life, or it could just mean forward movement in a specific area.

But whether you’re wondering if your dreams are truly in alignment with your soul purpose, or you’re feeling stuck, blocked, or just unclear about what actions you need to take or what the best decisions are for creating or expanding your chosen path, it can be frustrating. Especially when you know it’s possible to turn your vision into reality. You may be thinking, “So many others have done it; why can’t I?”

Or, you might be in a position where things are going really great for you overall, but you have a a particular longing or goal that you could really use some help to fulfill. 

In either case, here’s the scoop: What often limits you are beliefs and energy patterns from your past lives – and your earlier years in this life – that helped you survive then, in the past, but are now embedded in your consciousness in a way that interferes with your progress in the present.

Breathe a big sigh of relief, because there is a way you can find out what your soul plan and purpose are for this incarnation, and get a healing transformation and energetic shift that clears your limiting, subconscious history; all while empowering and freeing you to make the most of your life today and tomorrow!

The wonderful tool that can help transform your present and future in this way is an Akashic Records Session, also called an Akashic Records Reading or Consultation. And I know Akashic Records sessions genuinely work, because I’ve given thousands of them over the last 14 years, and have seen first hand the positive changes they’ve inspired in my clients lives.


“I have been consulting with the Akashic Masters through Rebecca for over six years, and the accuracy of the information I’ve gotten has been consistent and incredibly helpful. Every time I get a reading I come away with fresh understanding, profound clarity, and a spiritual uplift that leaves me feeling loved and supported. I have a warm sense that I am not alone in my struggles to deal with life.”


And in case you’re wondering? Areas you might want to ask about during an Akashic Records Session:

  • Interactions with friends and family
  • Romantic longings or conflicts
  • Repeating patterns and behaviors
  • Recurring dreams
  • Spiritual growth or path
  • Health issues
  • Connecting with loved ones who have passed
  • Soul purpose
  • Past lives
  • Guides and angels
  • Creative Expression
  • Moving or Relocating
  • Career and Financial Concerns

I hope to hear from you soon!

Much love,

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Meet Rebecca Ann

I’ve been intuitively aware since childhood, and as an adult have worked from the heart for many years as an  Energy Healer, Astrolger, and Akashic Records Consultant. My goal is always to help people feel and live better, and I consider my work  a sacred trust.

I’m so excited to bring the wonderful love, light, and healing of Akashic Records work to more people in more places! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy!